BitLife MOD APK v3.14.3 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked Bitizenship, God Mode and Boss Mode)

Bitlife- Life Simulator Mod APK

Everyone is ambitious to be wealthy since life is so great. If your goals are to achieve your wishes, then you are on the right track, where you can achieve your aspirations. A simulation game is one technique to release your stress and be wealthy. Playing simulation games is a popular way for people to relax.

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Android 6.0 and up


Candywritter LLC



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Bitlife – Life Simulator is a game, where you can achieve your life’s goal. It is an inspiring simulator where you can start a new life by choosing your character. The production team of Studio Candywriter, LLC developed the game.

MOD Info:

– License check is disabled
– Free in-app purchases
Attention! This game is only for devices with an ARM64 CPU (AArch64 or arm64-v8a). The modification can’t be installed on a device with a 32-bit CPU.

What is Bitlife?

This wonderful life simulator game allows players to live virtually from infancy to adulthood. It is a text-based game developed by Candywritter LLC. The game offers infinite choices and scenarios, by selecting correct options that affect your character’s life.

What is Bitlife Mod APK?

Bitlife Mod APK is a game of simulation, it provides you with all premium features for free. In the Original version, you must purchase all features, but in the modded version, you don’t need to buy any features.

In the Moded version, you can avail of unlocked Bitizenship mode, God mode, and boss mode in which you will get a menu of job packs. You can use a time machine for free. You can earn a lot of money by playing this beautiful game, gaining more experience, and learning new things about your life.

Game Story

Life simulator bitlife Mod APK allows players to do different characteristics of their life like studying, working, and playing. Players can choose the characters in Bitlife, that they want to become.  As age grows, players meet with different characters like teachers, doctors, and friends. The game is available on Play Store on Android devices. 

Screenshots of Features of Bitlife


Starting a new life

First, you must create a new character in the bitlife life simulator. You can choose a name, gender, and other physical features like hairstyle, eyewear, and headwear. You will have to select the location of your birth also. You will have to get vaccinated if you want to live a healthy life. 

Make the right choice

This game is based on your real life, which is completely on your mobile. There are so many unique points in this section, which are related to your life. Your age will increase by pressing the button plus which is showing on the screen of your mobile.

You can choose options randomly or consciously, affecting your development and life situation. At the age of 18, you have become mature, you should no longer depend on your parents. But in bitlife mod, you can decide from childhood as you wish. You will have full options on what role you can choose for yourself.

Build your life

Bitlife is a very small category of life that creates good habits. Once you have created a character, you have four matrices most important for your career; Happiness, health, intelligence, and appearance. These can make your life full of excitement and comfort. That’s why it is said that health is more important than any other thing in life.

A healthy and sound one can do all the activities joyfully, be it work or play. Physical and emotional health is more crucial in acquiring happiness and satisfaction than the financial wealth you have.

Back to the past

When you reach a certain point and want to go back to correct your mistakes, but you can’t. You become 18 and work in a company on daily wages with a low package. You want to return to college life and study well, as you can earn more money. But you can’t do it, because it is impossible in real life. 

But Bitlife allows you to go back with the help of a time machine and correct your mistakes, you can go in the past. Most things you do in life, all cover bitlife. Family, education, career, and marriage are all you can choose as per your wish.

Have a relationship and build a family

To get a healthy life, you have to build your own family, get married and have children. You can build your relations with your friends as well as colleagues. These will affect your health as well as your happiness character.


It is a premium version of this game, you have to purchase it. but in the mode version, you have full access for free. In this version, you will get all unlocked features, get rid of ads, unlimited generations, and more.

God Mode

This is the unique feature of this game. With this feature, you can control your character’s happiness, health, and looks. You can also control other features like weather and other components of this game.

Unlimited Money

You have unlimited money, you can purchase luxury cars, mansions, and many more you want.

How to download Bitlife MOD APK?

  • Download the APK file from a trusted website or Play Store.
  • Enable unknown sources in the setting of your Android Mobile.
  • Open your mobile’s file manager and install it from the downloaded APK file.
  • Once, the game is installed, permit all features.
  • Now Play and enjoy virtual life. 


I played this wonderful virtual game, it offers endless possibilities to the players to live their virtual lives as they want.  You can earn unlimited money and can visit the whole world. You can create a new hero when life ends of your hero.

If you are interested in life simulation games and want to fulfill your wishes and start your life on fingerprints, download and play it now.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Bitlife MOD APK is safe to play, if you have downloaded it from well-known sources.

You can’t transfer your progress from the original version to the MOD version.

Yes, it is available on iOS devices.