Barbie Challenge in BitLife

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Bitlife is a life simulation game developed by Candy Writer, that continuously engages its players in different kinds of challenges, that have to complete its players. One of these challenges is the Barbie challenge.

What is the Barbie Challenge in Bitlife?

The Barbie Challenge in Bitlife is a special task and very popular. This is listed as an easy challenge, but you will find it more hard and frustrating. In this challenge, you have to create a character that should have a successful career, own a dream house, and of course, maintain a stylish and special attractive appearance. 

Tips for Completing the Barbie Challenge in Bitlife


When creating your character, make sure that your character has a beautiful appearance. You should customize your hair, makeup, and clothes.


When your character has an attractive appearance, it will help you to get a good education and will help you achieve your career goals successfully.


To get a good career, you should get a good job, that you like, and that is fit for you.


You have to find a partner, who loves you and cares for you.

How to Complete the Barbie Challenge in Bitlife?

There are a few steps to complete the Barbie challenge in bitlife, which you should follow to complete the challenge successfully.

First, the players have to choose gender as a female. Then you have to undergo all plastic surgeries except gender reassignment. After surgeries, you can become a model. Then you need to live in a mansion or similar place. Pay attention to your character’s appearance, make sure your character looks beautiful. 

To look beautiful, your character must undergo these plastic surgeries. 

  • Botox
  • Brazilian butt lift
  • Breast augmentation
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Facelift
  • Liposuction
  • Nose job
  • Tummy Tuck

How to be born a female

The first step is to create a custom life and choose a female as your gender. You can select any country for this task, it won’t matter much.

How to get plastic surgery

When you go to the Activities Tab, you will find Plastic Surgery there. For this challenge, you need to get every plastic surgery except gender reassignment. 

It depends on your character’s financial strength, and how many surgeries you get in a year. If your character has strong finances, you can do all surgeries in a year. But I will recommend you, to do one or two surgeries in a year.

How to become a model in Bitlife

Once your character becomes 18, you can get into jobs packs, where you search for Foot Model, which is an entry-level for modeling. 

Your character should have high looks stats. You can get a job when your character has 80% in looks.

How to Purchase a Mansion or Similar House

Finally, you have to purchase a Mansion or similar house, which should be familiar to Mansion. To buy a Mansion or similar house, you should have to earn more money by becoming a famous supermodel.

To Buy a Mansion you need to click on Assets, then click on the Go Shopping tab, where you will find a list sorted by category for items you buy, and under real state brokers. 

Select a broker and browse for the house options. When you click on the house option, you will find details about it, and how to purchase, monthly price with a mortgage or in cash. Choose an option you like, and choose to pay it either mortgage or with cash.

You will become a proud owner of a Mansion. Now you have to maintain throughout your character’s life.

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