Bitlife Careers or Jobs and Activities- Boss Mode

It is essential in life to earn money and fulfill your desires and wishes, you need to work hard. We do different kinds of activities and jobs to earn money. In Bitlife it is necessary to earn money you need to work hard and have to do different jobs. Unlocked Boss Mode opens up many Bitlife careers or jobs and other opportunities in different kinds of fields like Business, Politics, Acting, Singing, Sports, etc. Here is the list of all jobs, activities, and careers.

Bitlife Careers or Jobs – Boss Mode

Part-Time Jobs – Boss Mode

You can do a part-time job to earn more money during your studies. In this modified version you have a chance to fulfill your desires.

Bitlife Careers or jobs,
Part-time jobs in Bitlife,
Bitlife Careers or jobs,
Part-time jobs in Bitlife,

Freelance Gigs – Boss Mode

Lawn Mower$2+/hour
Baby Sitter$1+/hour
Dog Walker$1+/hour
Pet Sitter1+/hour
Freelance Gigs 2

Special Careers in Bitlife – Boss Mode

Special Careers in Bitlife, Boss Mode
ActorBecome a famous TV or movie star!
AstronautExplore the cosmos
BusinessStart up, acquire, or lead a company!
MafiaBecome a famous supermodel!
ModelBecome a famous supermodel!
MusicianJoin a band or go for a solo career!
PoliticianRun for a political office!
Pro AthleteBecome a professional athlete!
Street HustlerHit the street and get your hustle on!

Education Careers in Bitlife – Boss Mode

Community CollegeTake some local classes
UniversityGet a college degree
Graduate SchoolContinue your university focus
Business SchoolStudy to be a business leader
Dental SchoolStudy to be a Dentist
Law SchoolStudy to be a lawyer
Medical SchoolStudy to be a Doctor
Nursing SchoolStudy to be a Nurse
Pharmacy SchoolStudy to be a Pharmacist
Veterinary SchoolStudy to be a Veterinarian

Military Careers in Bitlife – Boss Mode

Military Career
ArmyDefend the land
Air ForceDefend the land
NavyDefend the sea
MarinesAttack the beach
Coast GuardDefend the homeland

All Activities

All Activities
LoveFind someone to love
Mind & BodyWork on self improvement
PetsWork on self-improvement
Salon & SpaTake time for yourself
AccessoriesAccessorize yourself
AdoptionAdopt a child
Black MarketShop for contraband
CasinoVisit the casino
CommuneStart a cult
All Activities 2
CrimeCommit a crime
DoctorVisit the doctor
EmigrateMove to another country
FertilityVisit a fertility clinic
Horse RacesGo to the horse track
IdentityDefine your identity
LawsuitSue someone
LicensesManage your license
LotteryPlay the lottery
LoveFind someone to love
All Activities 3
Mind & BodyWork on self improvement
Movie TheaterGo to the movies
NightlifeGo clubbing
PetsWork on self-improvement
Plastic SurgeryGet plastic surgery
PrayPray to the Bitlife devs
RehabBattle your addictions
Salon & SpaTake time for yourself
ShoppingGo shopping
All activities 4
Social MediaManage your online identity
SweepstakesEnter the sweepstakes
Time MachineTravel back in time
VacationGo on a vacation
Will & TestamentManage your legacy

Bitlife is available on Android and iOS devices. You can download it from our homepage.

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