How to become an astronaut in Bitlife

I have already told you there are a few steps to complete the challenges in Bitlife. To complete the challenge of becoming an Astronaut in Bitlife can be a thrilling and rewarding career path, if you miss any step you will not be able to complete the challenge.

How to become an Astronaut in Bitlife, Astronaut in Bitlife

You need to buy the Astronaut Special Career Pack to hold this job title. You will be required to Boss Mode. In the modded version it is free.

Steps to follow to become an Astronaut in Bitlife

There are three tasks for your character to become an Astronaut

  • Getting a STEM degree and Pilot’s license
  • Going to the Space Academy to train
  • Applying to a Space Agency

Getting a STEM degree and pilot’s license in Bitlife

The first step is confusing, STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Getting a STEM degree is essential to become an astronaut, it also opens many doors for other career fields. When you have graduated from high school, you have to get enrolled in the university for STEM majors. Choosing engineering or mathematics majors will be a good option because it will help you to get into pilot or space school.

STEM degree, Astronaut education

Obtaining your pilot’s license is a significantly more difficult task, you need to get 40 hours of flight training lessons and take the pilot test. To do this go to Activities > Licenses > Flight School and spend a few dollars to take flight lessons. 

From here head back into licenses, pick the pilot’s license, and answer the questions correctly to get the pilot’s license.

Pilot's License

How to graduate from Space Academy in Bitlife

After graduating with a STEM degree from the university and having a pilot’s license from flight school, you are eligible to apply to Space Academy, to do this go into an occupation > special careers > Astronaut > Space Academy, apply for the program, and get two years training in Fitness, Flight, and Technical

Space Academy

To pass this academy course, you need to give high performance and answer all the questions related to technical training. When you complete all the requirements you can apply for Space Academy and answer the questions correctly which will be asked in the interview.

How to apply for the Astronaut career in Bitlife

Each country has a different space program. After graduating from the Space Academy with good performance, you will be allowed to apply your character’s Space Agency. After graduation, you will receive a pop-up on your screen asking you to apply to the agency or take time off. To become an astronaut right away or take some time off and come back again, depends on your choice.

Astronaut Job Offer in Bitlife

Bitlife is available on Android and iOS. If you are interested in learning more then download now and play.

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