How to Rob Train in BitLife

How to Rob Train
How to Rob a Train in Bitlife

The well-known life simulation game Bitlife provides many interesting and thrilling experiences. How to rob train in Bitlife is a high-risk activity, but it gives more chances for big rewards. It requires more time, and you have to do more practice on how to rob train, but if you have done anything wrong or have been caught, it will instantly kill your character, or you will go to prison for a long time. 

How to Rob Train in BitLife: Things You Should Know

  • Your time must be exactly what your app says, which means when you rob a train, your timezone and app timezone must be exactly matched.
  • You must rob the train at exactly the arrival time, which means when you have to plan to rob a train, it may be midnight or sunrise, When you rob the train, it should be in real-time.
  • If you do anything wrong by changing the time on your phone, the result will be your hero’s death.
  • Your hero’s age must be 18, before this, you will not be able to rob a train.

How to Rob Train in BitLife

To unlock Train Robbery in Bitlife, your character’s age must be 18 years old. Once your hero turns 18, go to the activities tab and tap the crime. Select Train Robbery and select a time to rob a train. Time is the most important part of this activity. Here you will find these options to rob a train.

  • Sunrise – 6:00 AM
  • High Noon – 12:00 PM
  • 4:20 PM–4:20 PM
  • Sunset – 6:00 PM
  • Midnight – 12:00 AM

It depends on your preference and schedule whether it is the hardest or easiest task. Your real-world timezone must match your time of robbing a train. It means if you rob a train at sunrise – 6 AM, it must also be sunrise – 6 AM on your mobile phone. If you try to skip this time, the result will be your character’s death.

The best way is to set the alarm rather than change the time on your phone. You should set an alarm before the robbery, one or two minutes early. This means you would rob a train at sunrise –  6 AM, and set your alarm at 5:58 AM or 5:59 AM, and wait until sunrise – 6 AM to rob a train. If you are too late or too early, you will miss the train robbery. 

If you succeed in a train robbery, you will get $5 million, and you have five chances in a day to rob a train. If you do this at the right time, you will get more dollars in Bitlife. 

If you are interested in earning more money, then Bitlife is available on Android and iOS. Download now and earn more money by doing a successful heist.

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