Human Encounters in BitLife

This image shows human encounters

One of the most exciting features of Bitlife is Human Encounters. It resembles real-life conversations and relationships. These encounters can have a huge impact on your character’s path, determining their career, happiness, and overall life direction. 

The relationship between humans and animals like horses, dogs, etc combines different factors. Horses and dogs, deeply understand the feelings and emotions of humans as well as familiar with them too. They also feel the body language and sensitivity of humans.

On the other hand, dogs protect us from terrible animals. They also support us in developing human relationships. Human encounters with animals are most affectionate. Spending time with creatures inspires feelings of affection and devotion.

Animals are the creatures of Allah, if we become familiar with them, they can feel the sensation of humans. We should spend time with them to learn about their lifestyles, routines, and nature.

In this way, we can make our relationship strong with them. We can give them training, like salutation, etc. 

When you are playing this game as an animal, you learn so much about how to interact with human and how to enjoy their company. If you are interested in this game and love to enjoy an animal’s life, download this app now.

Three main places are shown in this encounter.

Human Encounters: Shelter/ Pet House

Shelter/ Pet Houses are the places where pets temporarily live when adopters adopt them. They are provided food, water, and other necessary things are availed to them. There are two chances of adoption, in one chance you fail, another chance will be given to you. If you fail a second time, then you will die in a shelter and can’t get a rejection ribbon.

Human Encounters: Streets

Street dogs are not an interesting choice, because they are stray dogs and they take so much time to learn things. They can’t enjoy time with you. 

Human Encounters: Household

These types of dogs are more beneficial for homes and homeowners because they are trained at home and they can be perfect companions. 

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