How to Escape Prison in Bitlife 2024

How to escape Prison in Bitlife

There is an activity on crime in a section of activities like prison in Bitlife, if you want to commit a crime like a bank robbery, burglary, grand theft auto, etc. According to the country’s law, if the Police caught you in any criminal activity, you would be imprisoned unexpectedly. There are so many tasks in prison, each task looks simple in the beginning but in the last it becomes tough. Every step you take in the prison should be looked after by the security. But I have a few steps by which you can escape from the prison.

Unanticipated problems that you may come across during illness and legal troubles. You can escape from prison in the Bitlife if your character’s health, fitness, and intelligence are good. By these escapes, plans can be accomplished.

How to Escape Prison in Bitlife 

Escaping prison in Bitlife is a difficult task with no assurance of success. Despite your wanting to escape from jail, a few methods are applied, which will be discussed here.

Enter a Prison

First of all, you will enter jail if you have carried out an act of cruelty, and you will be imprisoned for a lifetime. But remember that more serious crimes can carry longer sentences. If you want to become president or mayor in the game, you need to avoid any illegal activities.

When trapped, wait until an escape option is available. Look for the ‘jail’ option on the ‘activities’ tab regularly while in jail. When it becomes accessible, click on it to see if there is an ‘escape’.

Get Your Character Ready

Before escaping, make sure that your character’s health, fitness, and especially intelligence are better. These qualities can decrease your chances of failure. 

Select the Escape Plan 

In the game, you will be given a few options to escape, from which you have to select the most appropriate. With different success rates for each option, choose the most appropriate one by which you succeed.

Escape Plan in Bitlife

The prisons have different kinds of security for the crime which you have committed. There are different plans by which you can escape from jail. You can select the best option to escape from jail depending on the situation of the game. Here are some maps of escaping from jail. 

Escape Map 8×8 Layout #1

Escape Plan Layout #01

Escape Map 8×8 Layout #2

Escape plan layout#2

Escape Map 7×5 Layout #1

Escape Plan Layout# 7x5

Escape Map 7×5 Layout #2

Escape Plan 7x5 Layout #2

Escape Map 6×6 Layout #1

Escape Plan 6x6 Layout #1

Escape Map 6×6 Layout #2

Escape Map 6x6 Layout #2

Escape Map 5×5 Layout #1

Escape Map 5x5 Layout #1

Escape Map 5×5 Layout #2

Escape Map 5x5 Layout #2

Escape Map 5×4 Layout #3

Escape Map 5x4 Layout #3

Escape Map 4×4 Layout #1

Escape Map 4x4 Layout #1


After the escaping attempt from jail, if you succeed, you will be free from prison and you can live outside of the walls of prison without any fear. If you fail, you will be given severe punishment and also penalties in terms of lengthy prisons.

What Happens After You Escape Prison?

After escaping from jail, you will get freedom in the virtual world of Bitlife. Special effects and opportunities following the escape may vary. If you can successfully avoid capture, your character can be given another chance at life, and you can continue the story without worrying about imprisonment. Still, escaping doesn’t ensure an easy return to society. 

There is a still chance for your character to face difficulties, legal ramifications, or law enforcement. Unexpected situations are often introduced into the game after escape, the decision you make will significantly affect your character’s fate. As you navigate the twists and turns of your character’s bat life, your choices will determine whether they can successfully reintegrate into society or face new challenges.

What Happens If You Fail To Escape the Prison?  

The consequences for your character in Bitlife can be dire and can have a huge impact on your virtual life if you can’t escape the prison. Depending on the details of the escape attempt, your character could face further prosecution and a lengthy prison sentence.

In rare circumstances, failure can lead to imprisonment, damaging your character’s inner firmness.

Depending on the decisions that you took during your attempt to escape, there is a possibility of loss or even death. Various scenarios depicting the consequences of failed escape, such as tight security, solitary confinement, or ongoing battles within the prison, can be included in the game. Failure to escape presents additional difficulties and setbacks. Therefore, you should consider carefully.


Escaping prison in Bitlife is a high-risk activity. You should focus on intellectual/mental capacity and physical fitness to extend your chances. If you fail in an attempt to escape, you can face a longer sentence, disciplinary action, or death. If you don’t want to be stuck, then you should choose other activities like singing, acting, etc. 

Bitlife is available on Android and iOS devices, you can download it from our homepage.

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