Bitlife APK vs Simulife APK: Comparison with Features

The idea for Simulife has been taken from the Bitlife APK. Both games are similar in features, but some differences set them apart.

Comparison between Bitlife APK and Simulife APK

Comparison with Features: Bitlife APK vs Simulife APK

Let’s compare their features. 

  • Bitlife and Simulife gameplay are almost identical and text-based. In Bitlife, you can choose your character from childhood to death as per your will. You can make your character’s life decisions like education, family, and friends, escape from jail, and become president.
  • Both games are text-based and available in many languages because many people play them all over the world. The Simulife is available in only English and Russian.
  • When we talk about the graphics of both games, Biltlife is a little bit better than Simulife in terms of graphics. Its graphics are visually beautiful and fascinating. Its themes’ display is regularly engaging. Secondly, Simulife also has good graphics, but not as good as Bitlife. Because of its beautiful colors, you can play the game and stay interested without straining your eyes.
  • The user interface of both games arouses interest or pleasure. You can navigate very well when you want to select options. Bitlife has a much better user interface than Simulife.
  • Bitlife has a high rating on the Google Play Store and also on the App Store, but Simulife has a low rating in comparison to Bitlife.
  • Both games have millions of downloads because anyone can have an approach to downloading. Both games are available on Android, iOS, MacBook, and PC.

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