How to complete Jolene Challenge in Bitlife?

Jolene Challenge Bitlife, How to complete Jolene Challenge in Bitlife

As you know, to complete every challenge in Bitlife, you have to follow a few steps. After that, you will be able to complete the challenge. Therefore, to complete the Jolene Challenge in Bitlife, there are a few steps that you should follow, otherwise, you can’t complete the challenge. Here are a few steps that you should follow:

  • Be born a female in Tennessee
  • Have 100% Looks
  • Work at a Bank
  • Hook up with someone else’s man
  • Get a Breast Augmentation

How to be born a female in Tennessee

To fulfill the requirements of the Jolene Challenge, your character should be female and its birthplace should be the Tennessee state.

How to get 100% looks in Bitlife

In real life, you know that an actor or actress does different types of activities to look beautiful and better. For that, in Bitlife, your character would have to do some activities, like walking, yoga, gym, and in the last to get plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is the last option, if your looks are not maintained by doing other activities, then you should go to the doctor for plastic surgery to have a 100% look.

How to work at Bank in Bitlife

In real life, when you apply for jobs on the Banking side, you should have a degree in Economics or commerce from a university. In Bitlife, your character should have graduated from university in Finance or Accounting. After completing graduation you can apply for a full-time job in the job section. Crack the interview of Jr. Banker or Apprentice Banker.

How to hook up with someone else’s man

For this, you have to make love with someone else’s husband/ boyfriend. To complete the task, you have an affair or love with your co-worker in the Bank. If he rejects you, give him some gifts like perfume, etc, and try to convenience him. As he agrees, go with him to the night party, and as the club turns green, try to hook up with him. 

How to get breast augmentation surgery in Bitlife

To enhance the beauty of your character, you have to undergo the process of breast augmentation surgery. 

Head to the Plastic Surgery section under the Activities tab and choose the Breast Augmentation option. 

Choose a special surgeon doctor and pay for your surgery. The Jolene challenge is completed.

If you are interested in solving the challenges of Bitlife. It is available on Android and iOS. Download now and enjoy.

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