How to complete the Material Girl Challenge in Bitlife?

The material girl challenge is about earning money without working a day. In which you would have to buy expensive things. 

Material Girl Challenge, Material Girl Challenge in Bitlife

To complete this challenge, you must need Bitizenship mode, which is the pro version, but I will provide you free in the modded version, or your character should have 100% looks and smarts.

Tasks to complete the Material Girl challenge

As you are already aware to complete the Material Girl Challenge in Bitlife, you need to fulfill some requirements, which are necessary to follow:

  • Marry 5+ sugar daddies
  • Never sign a prenup
  • Never hold a job
  • Buy $2m+ worth of jewelry while married
  • Purchase a yacht

Marry 5+ sugar daddies

The first task of this challenge is to marry 5+ sugar daddies, for which your character must be female.
You should be concerned about your looks and stats, you just need to work out to maintain your look 100% or get plastic surgery, during your studies.

As you complete your high school studies, you should look for sugar daddies. For this, you should head to the dating app in the game set your target of 80+ age, and select a salary up to 100 thousand dollars. 

As you find a sugar daddy, marry him, be sure to divorce him shortly, and look for another sugar daddy.  As with this, you have to marry 5+ sugar daddies to complete this first step of this challenge.

Never sign a prenup

A prenup is an agreement when a couple marries and signs it before marriage. This is the legal document of both person’s assets. 

Your character has to get a signature on prenup from Sugar Daddy, but your character does not have to sign on it. Because it solves the financial matters as marriage ends.

Never hold a job

It means if you get a job, then how you will have an affair with a sugar daddy, and you will remain busy all day because of your office work, therefore it is prohibited to do a job. Even if you get a job, then don’t continue it for a long period.

If you need money, your sugar daddy will marry you and he is responsible for meeting all expenses of you.

Buy $2m+ worth of jewelry while married

Material Girl Challenge, Sugar Daddies in Bitlife, Sign a Prenup

As your character gets married to a sugar daddy, ask him to purchase jewelry, its worth should be in the millions. When you get divorced from a sugar daddy, jewelry will remain in your custody. It is the easy way to become a millionaire soon in Bitlife and meet the material girl challenge.

Purchase a yacht

When you have collected an amount large, now you should purchase a yacht by going into the asset tab to become the property owner.

Bitlife is available on Android and iOS. If you want to learn more about Bitlife and complete challenges like these, download from our homepage and play now. Check out How to complete the Jolene Challenge in Bitlife.

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