How to complete the Beast And Beauty Challenge in BitLife

How to complete Beast and Beauty challenge in Bitlife

In Bitlife, you must follow a few steps to complete every challenge. We are going to discuss a challenge which is an easy one. From the title you must have known that we are talking about the Beast and Beauty Challenge in Bitlife. 

The first and most important task is that your character should be a female from France. Let us discuss how to complete this challenge.

The players should follow the following steps to complete the challenge

Beast and Beauty challenge in Bitlife- Infographics
  • Be born a female in France
  • Become a Librarian
  • Read more than ten books
  • Have a 100% looks
  • Marry an Uggo

How to be born as a female in France

The first step to complete the Beast and Beauty challenge is to be born as a female in France. When you start a new character for the challenge, you should choose the female gender of your character and select the country France. 

How to Become a Librarian in Bitlife

To be a Librarian you must work hard in your studies from a young age. You should be familiar with books and keep your smart level high. Your character’s looks should be greater than 90. Your character has to read as many books as she can. 

Your character needs to graduate from high school, after graduation your character should have to apply for University and select major subjects like Journalism, English, or Education.

After graduation, head to the job section and find the Librarian Job. Once you find one, apply for the job crack the interview for a librarian, and become a Librarian. 

How to read more than ten books

It is an easy task. After all, you have already read more than 10 books because being a librarian means reading more books. Despite that, if you want to learn how to read more books, then I will guide you through the process. 

From a young age, as you get admission to primary school, you will be able to read books. For that head to the Activities tab and pick Mind & Body, begin reading books. Read short books like children’s books as you can complete ten books in a short time.

How to have a 100% looks

To have a 100% look, you should have God Mode or Bitizenship. If it is not available there are different ways to increase your looks. 

You must visit the Gym and Spa or get plastic surgery to gain 100% looks.

How to Marry an Uggo

Marrying an Uggo in Bitlife means your character should have to marry someone whose looks should be in a low rating or Red/Orange. 

Go to the Activities tab, visit the Love section, and use the Dating app to find the partner. Once you find the person with low looks, impress him by showing your attitude and agree him to marry. Get married and finish the challenge.

Bitlife is available on both Android and iOS devices. If you are willing to learn more about the Bitlife game, download it now and enjoy it.

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