How to Become a Librarian in Bitlife?

How to become librarian in Bitlife, Librarian in Bitlife

Bitlife is a life simulation game where players get more chances to explore various career paths, from rock stars to doctors. In this game, players choose different careers for their characters. Bitlife has numerous career options ranging from rock stars to doctors. 

In this game, there are so many fields and departments, from them one department is the library. If you are interested in becoming a librarian, you will have to get admission to that department.

There is a challenge in Bitlife, Beast, and Beauty Challenge, to be able to complete this challenge, you must become a librarian, otherwise, you will not be able to complete this challenge if you didn’t have read many books.

Librarian in Bitlife: Career guide

To become a librarian, you must study hard from the primary level to the university level to become familiar with books. Then you have to keep your character’s smart level high. You should have to read many books and spend all your time in a library to keep your smart level high. Smart level high means it should be greater than 90. 

After graduation from college, you have to enroll in the university and select these subjects English, Journalism, and Education. After the completion of four years at the university, you will have to head to Graduate school for an additional two years, because these two years of degree will teach you how to become an expert in library arrangements.

Librarian in Bitlife, Library, Librarian

During study, you can do a part-time job as a librarian or you can serve voluntarily as a librarian in the institution. It will remain helpful in your job service as a librarian because you will get information about the library and daily tasks.

After the finalization of your degree, you can apply for the job of a librarian. 

Sometimes, the option of a library job disappears, for this bug you need to restart the game until it appears.

Once you find the librarian option in Bitlife, then you have to pass an interview with a librarian, if you pass the interview you will become a librarian in Bitlife.

Bitlife is available on Android and iOS devices. For more on Bitlife, check out How to Become President in Bitlife or How to Become an Actor in Bitlife.

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