How to Become President of Bitlife APK 2024


Have you ever dreamed of how to become the President of the United States in Bitlife? It’s not just a dream but it’s a real possibility. All you need is passion, dedication, and a willingness to serve the country. 

It is an arduous task to become president of the Bitlife game. It is tough in simple life because you must work hard for the nation’s welfare. You have to start from basics in real life and Bitlife. You have to be involved in politics and start your career in politics. 

In Bitlife, you can become president of the United States, for that, you have to make some purchases and other requirements that will lead to your goal success. Here are some requirements, that you should fulfill before starting your character.

How to become President in Bitlife?

Everything is possible in Bitlife, but the condition is that you work hard with stability. In Bitlife you have to purchase Bitizenship because it is the premium version of the game.

After that, your character must be attractive and your character should have a sharp brain.

You should get admission to a university and choose political science as a subject.  

After graduation you can get admission to law school which can help you in advanced politics and Business School which can help you to get funding campaigns you will finally run.

Further, you should join social media for your publicity and to gain followers.

You have to start your career in politics from basics, as you can become a board director of schools, and then become mayor or you can run for senate, and spend some time in that position and become rich and popular and then run for the presidential elections. For the presidential elections, your age must be 35 years. For the campaign, you should have at least 35 million.

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